Thursday, August 30, 2012

Existential, Transcendental - Linear Circles

A journey of thought...

It's funny how a person's entire life is affected by little moments, little decisions... little seemingly insignificant choices at apparently mundane split seconds of life and that life continues to move forward into the inevitable oblivion. I slept in today. Wonder what I missed? Time is just passing by... 

I hear a lot of talk about structure and order in the Universe. I'm told that humans think linearly - chronologically. Our goal is efficiency and scientific progress for the betterment of the species. A binary code may one day explain all phenomena, and our entire existence is one giant, complicated exercise in arithmetic.

All of these straight lines pushing forward in time. No turning back. Only forward. It certainly feels that way sometimes. But who is to say that all lines aren't just made up of tiny little circles? Personally, I say lines are obsolete, inadequate, unjustifiable, a myth personified by simple minds seeking simple answers. The proof is all around us because everything is circular. It always comes back around. Everything rotates into a giant cyclical repetition.

The universe is a collection of circles called galaxies, which are collections of solar systems, which are collections of planets, which are collections of organisms, which are collections of smaller organisms, which are a collection of cells, which are a collection of molecules, which are a collection of atoms, which are a collection of particles...

The ecosystem of bacteria in my stomach is an entire world of individual creatures functioning with the greater purpose of converting the food I consume into poop!- An entire world devoted to the creation of shit! Think about it!!! Well, not my poop of course... But the individuals in respectively small realities going about what seems like everyday business with no apparent knowledge that the mundane and seemingly insignificant actions that they perform result in something bigger, something amazing. 
I wouldn't survive without this collective. None of us would survive without the symbiosis of the Universe.  
A collective working for a greater purpose.... I am merely the sum of many functional systems, which are the sum of individual parts within that system. 

Yet, if we all exist in this proposed cyclical, symbiotic collective, How can their be a hierarchy, a chain of being, a class structure, a winner and a loser, a good guy and a bad guy or any other bifurcated reality? How can there be a single, individual thing sitting on top of some mythical pyramid scheme that we call God? How do we justify and rationalize this? How can we call ourselves individuals? How can their be ownership or Capitalism, when we are all connected, maybe not literally, but we are all made up of the same stuff and everything that we do affects everything else around us? We are all making ripples, some splashing and others floating. 

Here we are in this universe constructed entirely from the same essential elements. It's all the same. We're no different you and I. We just think differently, see differently. So, is that the friction that prevents us from acknowledging our connection? Our subjectivity, our Interpretation of fact? Can facts really exist when the application of fact is always subject to such diverse interpretation? Perspectives rarely ally, and often this is the root of chaos. But is anything really that simple?

Here I am complaining of order and linearity, but offering the opposite as the only alternative. Is the human mind limited to dwindling everything into dichotomies? Can we ever understand the nuances of a full spectrum of possibilities? Maybe there is supposed to be a little bit of order and a little bit of chaos. Maybe sometimes there are supposed to be winners and losers; good guys and bad guys; classes and hierarchies. Maybe we should take ownership for things sometimes. Ownership implies responsibility and stewardship. Maybe God is a little bit of everything and a little bit of nothing. 

Maybe we aren't supposed to ever know. 

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